Flower Care

Flower Care from your Fresh Flower Distributor, Gabilan Distributing, Inc.

Upon Receiving your Flowers:

Fill buckets half full with warm water, 100-105F. Mix in the appropriate quantity of flower food.

Carefully unpack your flowers, leaving each bunch in their own sleeve to protect the flower buds until hydration occurs, usually one hour.

Cut ½-1 inch off your flower stems and place them into the buckets.

Strip the leaves that fall below the water line to prevent bacteria from growing.

Store the flowers out of the sunlight and away from heat. 45F is ideal for non-tropical flowers.

Rose Hydration and Care:

Cutting stems under water helps prevent bubbles from forming inside the stem.

If you receive roses with guard petals, (outer worn petals) , remove them carefully before arranging.

Roses should be stored at a cool temperature, ideally 35F.

Keeping Flowers Fresh

Re-cut the flower stems, change the water and add more floral food every three days.

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